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Antiquate is one of Australia’s increasingly popular luxury eco-conscious furniture brands.

Embracing the art of slow living, Antiquate’s bespoke handcrafted pieces tell a story. Aesthetically beautiful, vibrant and one-of-a-kind. Every colour palette sparks awe and ignites wonder. Antiquate’s armchairs and bespoke wall art is the statement piece for your home.

Each custom made design is born into existence with an underlying theme, emotional connection or personal narrative guided by the story you wish to tell.


Incorporating environmentally friendly and recycled materials, along with dearly loved personal belongings, Antiquate gives new life to past loves. Not only are these armchairs and artworks visually stunning, they also contribute to the preservation of our planet.


“My desire is to create art using home furnishings as my medium of expression. I want people to have a personal connection with the upholstery art they choose for their home. I want each Antiquate piece to be something that speaks to them, and entices them to slow down and to simply enjoy being.” — Kerri Hollingsworth

Antiquate has been featured in UK’s Scarlett Opus, Turkish Home Art, Yarra Valley & Ranges, Indie Road and Junkies magazine.

View the gorgeous range of commissioned chairs

Kerri Hollingsworth


Kerri Hollingsworth is the director and upholstery artist behind Antiquate. Her philosophy is to create unique and timeless art that are high quality and also environmentally friendly.


“My work is more than just making armchairs or wall hangings. It’s about tuning into nature, it’s about presence. What I do is an opportunity to connect with my inner creativity and express that powerful energy into furnishings or a furniture piece that impacts its owner’s heart, body and soul.” — Kerri Hollingsworth

Most days, her daughter Betty keeps her company as she weaves textiles and fabrics into artistic creations. Kerri hopes that by immersing Betty in this space, it will foster an environmentally conscious mindset, and a deeper awareness of the power we each have to shape trajectory of our planet.

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