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Indutrial Macrame

Derived from an inner calling of environmental appreciation, this ‘upholstery art’ wingback chair ignited an artistic flame that can only be described as true passion. The concept was formed by combining the design strengths in upholstery with the industry weakness - unnecessary landfill.

Recycled fabric waste, jute, cotton rope, hemp rope and trimming off cuts were used in an artistic way to create a weave that wraps the external surface giving this piece a unique look.

The exclusive design sees the amalgamation of steel and woven rope, creating a functional and attractive showpiece. 


As an.ti.quate and Custom Industrial move into the final stages of their prototype, they have had keen interest from designers and buyers alike. These chairs will be made as a limited run only - watch this space for updates and for your chance to own one..

Indutrial Macrame
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