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erri Hollingsworth from Antiquate and Jen Salvana from Eclectic Boogaloo; a powerful female duo specialising in eco-conscious Upholstery Art.  


The women harness two distinct approaches with one mission in mind: to reinvent furniture through the application of artistic, sustainable upholstery practices.  


Together they have unleashed their artistic skills on a pair of vintage, early-century solid wood armchairs resulting in a pair of breathtaking, one-of-a-kind piece of functional art.  Harnessing Kerri’s woven style, Jen’s traditional upholstery techniques and incorporating Mr Eclectic Boogaloo’s (aka Chris, Jen’s husband and business partner) freestyle portraits, they have designed two unique chairs that are sure to make a statement. 


‘Interwoven Expression’ is a testament to fellow artisans globally, that  it is  through our differences we can make a difference. 


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