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Romney + Quinn

United By Nature

Artistic duo, Antiquate's upholstery artist, Kerri Hollingsworth and award-winning fibre artist, Zetta Kanta, have once again delivered an enthralling collaboration titled: Romney + Quinn.

After receiving a 'Community Projects and Events' grant from the Murrindindi Shire Council in 2020, the pair decided to break the art world's unspoken rules and give the public access to the entire creative process - something rarely ever done by artists.

Kerri and Zetta opened their hearts and minds to illustrate the power of imagination and show us that we can cultivate creativity no matter what's happening around us.

Romney + Quinn is more than an art collaboration; it's a reflection of the intricacy and complexity of life. It's an example of the magic that emerges from those 'uh-oh' moments. It reminds us that we can forge a new path and a fresh perspective if we welcome opportunity.

Meet Romney + Quinn

The two chairs named Romney + Quinn showcase an avant garde way of utilising natural fibres, textures and upholstery techniques to evoke powerful emotions igniting people's desire to connect with the pieces.

"Touch is what connects humans to our environment, each other and our work. Our underpinning mission is always to get people to feel something, and that will vary from person to person," Kerri says.

"Exactly! Romney + Quinn is deeply personal to us, which means it has the potential to be deeply personal to others - in what way, that's not for us to decide. We simple aim to move our audiences through what we create," Zetta says.

The Artist's Studio Unlocked

In December last year, the artists felt an undeniable urge to share the Romney + Quinn experimentation process, divulging its lessons and the emotional journey.

"Social media became the vessel enabling our audience to co-create with us from wherever they were in the world. This was especially important during lockdown when virtual interaction was the most crucial form of connection. When people were stuck at home, why not invite them to participate in a creative endeavour? Kerri says.

There's been many unexpected twists and turns from the project's conception. The most memorable was witnessing the emotional rollercoaster they experienced when submerging their work into the eco dye bath - something neither of them had expertise in - while desperately hoping their vision would manifest successfully. It was a moment where the world held its breath.

Thankfully the mutual devotion to Romney + Quinn and the social community cheering them on, Kerri and Zetta rose to their feet with each challenge and illuminated what true artistry is.

When asked about the overall experience, they're quick to highlight the personal impact the project has had.

"Working with Kerri is always so easy and fun. We laughed a lot as we explored and pondered the meaning of our project. But for me, Romney + Quinn was an anchor while the storm raged throughout the world, and my life," Zetta says.

Kerri added, "I agree. As artists, it's been an incredible reminder that creativity never dies and it's up to us to use what's happening externally (and internally) as fuel for producing new masterpieces. Reinvention is not just for art, but also how we live daily."

Observing the pair as they intuitively meld their unique upholstery techniques to find a united flow and harmonious style is magic in motion. Knowing they've navigated over 100 hours of weaving using natural fibres and recycled textiles, you can truly appreciate the exquisit sensory delight that is now Romney + Quinn.

To watch the makings of the collaboration visit Facebook or Instagram and search #romneyandquinn

Words by Monica Kade

Links to videos:

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Romney + Quinn Part 2 - Using recycled linen in latch hook tapestry

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Romney + Quinn Part 6 - A moment of trust

Romney + Quinn final artist interview - filmed by The AC Image

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