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My Story

My love for upholstery and the insatiable desire to create merged into a unique style that I call ‘Upholstery Art’. Today, I weave textiles into statement fibre art furniture that is eco-conscious and premium quality.

Initially, the idea sprouted from my quest to reduce landfill by shining the light on my personal and business consumer habits. I didn’t realise at the time that it was the start of a soul led journey.

Some years ago, when I heard the statistic “30-million plastic toothbrushes end up in landfill every year (in Australia alone!)”, it threw me for six—I couldn't comprehend that one product alone could contribute to such waste on our planet.

Taking this statistic to heart, I paused to reflect on where else I’d placed unintentional pressure on our beautiful Earth. This introspection inspired a one year challenge, where I would not buy anything new and recycle, reuse and repurpose wherever I could. What I pleasantly discovered during this challenge was the surplus of environmentally friendly options available to me.

I took this approach into my upholstery practice to see how I could reduce waste and my environmental footprint. With my newfound awareness, I witnessed how many beautiful textile offcuts, odd buttons and old trims were being discarded—what a waste? With that insight, I set off to brainstorm how I could utilise them in my upholstery projects.

Enter Upholstery Art.

As a conscious creator, I’m continuously pushing the boundaries of my artistic abilities. Now, my art practice is highly intuitive and draws on my deep respect for nature. I produce one-of-a-kind statement pieces, and I take great pride in knowing my clients’ have purchased a product that preserves our gorgeous planet.

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My Studio

I feel very fortunate to reside on Taungurung Country, at the foot of the Cathedral Rangers in Taggerty, Victoria, Australia.


My studio is here among the gumtrees, laughing kookaburras and colourful skies. Forever a ‘work in progress’, my studio seems to perfectly mirror the evolution of my art practice. Among my commissioned pieces and experimental works, dried foliage adorns the walls, interesting pieces of bark and salvaged materials share the space while adding charm.

Our property, motherhood, nature and farm duties encourage all of my work. These parts of my life are a big piece of my heart, which fuel my creative process.

Occasionally, I’m gifted with some quiet moments alone in the studio. However, most days, there are sounds of our children playing (or asking for snacks), or animals are poking their heads in to check out the latest upholstery vibes.

The one thing that remains true is the sacred and mindful space I invite into the studio. I create intentionally from stillness and use whatever creative spark is moving through me as guidance.

I don't always see the vision immediately, but as I look around me or begin to weave, the essence of the project reveals itself to me.


Upholstery Art is all about energy and using that creative life force to design those exquisite statement pieces that people fall in love with.


My Artistic Expression

I aim to preserve furniture by working with the highest quality natural materials. Using traditional upholstery techniques not only keeps this age-old craft alive but ensures each furnishing is unique and timeless. Every material used is carefully considered at each step to ensure the end product stands the test of time.

I’m always seeking new ways to express my creativity. Learning new artistic techniques expands my horizons and makes for breath-taking designs. Currently, that process involves weaving, latch hook, macramé, embroidery, and basketry.

Part of my mission is to produce wall fibre art, cushions, armchairs and other furnishings that speak to the owner’s mind, body and soul. I believe that each statement piece can promote healing, rejuvenation and spark joy. If I can support my clients to experience this, I feel I have successfully achieved my mission.


To start your journey towards co creating a commissioned Upholstery Art piece, get in touch today.

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