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Chest bursting moments

In July, I received an email saying ‘Congratulations, you are now apart of the Scarlet Opus Trend Tours for AIFF 2018!’

My heart quite literally burst out of my chest!

These guys are Consumer & Design Trend Forecasters - they told the world what was on trend...and had chosen me to be apart of their amazing tour!

What a buzz the whole experience was

I've just had that same heart bursting happiness, as the lovely Victoria Redshaw, Owner and Lead Futurist at Scarlet Opus emailed to say my guest blog was live for the world to see.

Having the continued support of such an amazing company and team has really driven me to make more positive changes and trust that I’m where I’m meant to be!

Thank you so much Victoria! And a big thank you to Monica Kade for your help with the article and The AC Image for your gorgeous photos once again

Here’s the link for those wanting to have a read!

Scarlet Opus Trend Tour at AIFF 2018

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