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One year on

This day. This very day holds such significance for me, as it is one year since stepping out of my comfort zone to release my first Upholstery Art design - Numero Uno.

The decision to align my personal beliefs to my business now seems so completely obvious, but at the time I had doubts as to how it would be received and if I could even make it into anything. Luckily my quest to tread lighter on the planet far outweighed any of my worries.

I had absolutely no idea of the response I would get from posting that first photo. I was not used to sharing much of myself online, and it felt incredibly vulnerable.

I remember first showing a close friend to gauge his response. He told me straight out I should be holding an exhibition with this sort of thing - I laughed it off with the thought of 'I couldn't possibly...could I !?' 

It occurred to me early this week, when rewriting my business plan, how far I really have come. The goals I set last year for the coming 1 - 5 years, were complete.

Now this detail alone had me questioning why that was - have I done so exceptionally well to smash 5 years of goal setting, or did I not truly believe in myself or my vision enough to set bigger goals? In all honesty I think it's a bit of both, but regardless of the reasons I am so incredibly proud of myself for charging through that first year of Upholstery Art, with full gusto.

The opportunities I have seen and experienced could not have possibly come to fruition had I not trusted taking that first step.

Writing out the list of achievement has been a very eye opening and humbling moment for me, and I would really love to share them with you. To date I have had been fortunate enough to be a part of;

  • 5 Australian magazine features, including a cover feature

  • 1 International magazine feature

  • 2 interior stores showcasing my designs

  • 1 design (Presley) being a part of a gorgeous home staging by an amazing interior designer

  • The Australian International Furniture Fair (AIFF) and awarded best small stand

  • Scarlet Opus Trend Tours at the AIFF

  • A guest blog for Scarlet Opus

  • Designed and created some beautiful Upholstery Art chairs for incredible clients that I am very proud of

  • Designed and currently creating a sentimental family history project

  • A window display in Camberwell (Victoria)

  • A radio interview on a UK design segment

  • Being selected for Paper Box Medias 'Women in Art' documentary (still to come) 

  • 2 incredible collaborations

  • Other collaborations in the pipeline behind the scenes.

  • Meeting SO MANY incredible humans!

What a year!

I am about to open my very first solo exhibition at MiRa, Marysville in the coming weeks as 'artist in residence' with a special Upholstery Art design to conquer, along with community projects to complete and a full-day Upholstery Art Workshop!

Life has been blissfully busy. 

All of these achievements would have never had that soul satisfying momentum as they did without your help. Whether you are new to the an.ti.quate story or have been following along from the start - I wholeheartedly thank you!

I could never possibly put into words the love I feel from you all and it is all so very much appreciated and reciprocated. 

I hope this journey inspires you to take your own steps into the unknown, listen to a creative spark that's been hiding in the background, or help you see how we all have little steps we can take to create a positive effect on our beautiful planet.

It's now time to get cracking on these new goals I've set!

Thanks and keep creating.


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