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When do we take that leap of faith?

I’m at a cross road.

I look left and there is a fun, familiar and exciting life ahead full of guaranteed laughs, a steady income and new adventures. I look right and there is nothing familiar nor stable, many questions and pretty much a blank slate. It quite honestly looks a little scary... nope, a lot scary but the curiosity is pulling me with a soul fulfilling urge.

Do I continuing in my ‘secure’ job, or take a leap of faith, back myself and my business like never before?

The problem I had, and by no means is it an actual problem, was that I loved my secure job - absolutely loved it! Being an international flight attendant, jet setting across the globe and loving every moment of life’s adventures was not a bad gig (and yes, after 2 years of maternity leave I quite possibly am only thinking of the good times, but the good times were a plenty!). But I feel like it is time to make a call.

Starting an.ti.quate as my ‘side hustle’ was a dream come true. It was my creative outlet to accompany my ‘safe’ job that paid the bills. I dreamt of a day that this creative outlet could be my full time hustle but when was the right time? When I had x amount of clients? When I was making x amount of money? When I’d ‘made it’?

I knew I could quite easily (and very happily) continue flying and just make the business work in between flights - I’m a pretty good multi-tasker these days. But would that be giving my business the attention it deserves to make those desired quantum leaps? I doubt it.

Aligning my business with my core values around sustainability and environmental consciousness, I have discovered an innovative way to bring recycled elements to the centre of the design world. It needs to be celebrated, and be nurtured whole heartedly so we can continue to grow and develop throughout this incredible ride called life.

So that scary blank slate... now just seems like a perfect place to leave my mark.

As of this week, I have officially hung up the cabin bag for good. No longer am I a flight attendant with a side hustle. I’m an upholsterer. An entrepreneur. An artist. I’m anything you want to call it, but most importantly I’m someone who believes in their business enough to face the unknown

head on, and conquer anything in our path.

Being a flighty was amazing, but I have a feeling the future will be exceptional.

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